What is the weather in Paris in March really like?

"Changeable" describes it in one word!

Spring officially arrives on March 21st.  But in reality, March weather in Paris offers a few reminders that winter isn't quite finished along with plenty of beautiful days filled with bright blue skies and warm, almost hot, sunshine. 

Planning a Visit to Paris in March?

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As Paris temperatures in March warm up, magnolias and early-blooming cherry trees light up the city with their gorgeous pink blooms, and sidewalk tables outside of every bistro and cafe fill up with Parisians relaxing in the fresh spring air.

So as long as you pack for a range of temperature and weather conditions during March, you'll be comfortable indoors and outside. 

Plan some fun outdoor activities such as a food tasting walking tour in the Marais or a bike tour of Saint Germain and other iconic neighborhoods to take advantage of the sunny days.  And of course, have in mind a few indoor things to do if the Paris March weather turns chilly or wet.

In this article, you'll everything you want to know about March weather in Paris, packing tips, some fun things to do during your March visit, and even recommendations about where to stay this month.

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What Is Paris Weather in March Really Like?

Hotel de Sully's garden in the Marais on a warm afternoon in late March
Hotel de Sully's garden in the Marais on a warm afternoon in late March

What is the weather in Paris in March really like?

Check out the following temperature ranges for March to see highs, lows, and averages.

Average Weather in Paris in March:  Average Temperature Highs & Lows

Here's a quick look at what March weather in Paris looks like on Fahrenheit (F) and Celsius (C) degree scales for average daily high and low temperatures.  

What you should know:  Average highs have increased by 1-2 degrees Fahrenheit during the past decade.

  • Average March high temperature:  55°F (13°C)
  • Average March low temperature:  39°F (4°C)

Remember, these are the averages of what you might encounter - definitely not a weather forecast for Paris in March. 

To better understand what actual temperatures might be during your March visit, always check the March high and low temperature ranges in the following section.

The Eiffel Tower viewed from Trocadero on a cold (and soon to be stormy) March afternoon
The Eiffel Tower viewed from Trocadero on a cold (and soon to be stormy) March afternoon

Weather Statistics for March in Paris:  High & Low Temperature Ranges

These temperature ranges for highs and lows in Paris in March will give you a better idea than the monthly averages about what you might experience.  You'll find these ranges especially useful for deciding what to pack.

Here's the range of daily highs and lows throughout a typical Paris March:

  • Range of maximum temperatures during March:   44°F to 78°F (7°C to 26°C)
  • Range of minimum temperatures during March:  15°F to 50° F (-9°C to 10°C)

Here are the record-breaking temperatures for the past three decades, and when they occurred:

  • Highest March temperature (1991-present):   78°F (26°C) in 2021
  • Lowest March temperature (1991-present):   15°F (-9°C) in 2005

While daytime temperatures in the 40s are not necessarily typical, when they do occur, they are often accompanied by cloud cover, rain, and perhaps an uncomfortable amount of wind - not gale force, but strong enough to make you feel even colder if you're not dressed warmly.  So you should be prepared in case this happens (and feel thankful if it doesn't). 

Daily temperatures in the 70s have become more common during the past decade, which is lovely - but 78°F (24°C) can feel uncomfortably close to a steamy 80°F (25°C) if you're overdressed.  You definitely want to pack layers you can peel off if necessary, including perhaps a sleeveless top if the temperature soars.

More about what to pack in a moment...

Sun and Clouds during March:  What to Expect

Rue Cler in the 7th arrondissement on a cloudy March day
Rue Cler in the 7th arrondissement on a cloudy March day

March in Paris offers a mix of cloudy, overcast conditions and brilliant, vividly blue skies - often during the same day.  Sometimes this even happens at the same moment - look one way and you'll see dense clouds, but in the opposite direction, you'll see a clear sky and sunshine.

Statistically, slightly more than half of March days will be overcast or mostly cloudy - but even the mostly cloudy days have moments (maybe even a couple of hours) of sunshine. 

With daylight for half of the day by the middle of March, you'll definitely have longer days to enjoy:

  • Average hours of daylight:  12 hours, 0 minutes
  • Average hours of sunshine during March:  4 hours per day

Daylight hours in Paris lengthen rapidly this month, and by March 31, you'll experience 12 hours and 39 minutes of daylight.

How Much Rain & Wind Does Paris Get in March?

Rue Moliere in Paris's 1st arrondissement on a rainy afternoon
Rue Moliere in Paris's 1st arrondissement on a rainy afternoon

Paris records about 2 inches (about 51 mm) of precipitation during 10 days on average during March. 

Typically, you can expect a combination of a brief showers or scattered rain showers on perhaps two-thirds on these 10 days, with steadier rain on a few others.  The high end of the rain range in recent years has been 2.6 inches (6.6 cm), so the amount of rain that actually falls on even the rainiest days doesn't add up to much.

As you can see from the record minimum of 15°F (-9°C), the temperature can occasionally dip low enough in March to produce snow - but this is a rarity and if it happens, Paris gets just a dusting.

What about the Weather at Day Trip Locations?

In case you are planning to take a day trip outside of the city during your visit, rest assured that March weather at nearby locations such as Versailles Palace and Disneyland Paris will be very similar to Paris.  

For locations further away such as Mont Saint-Michel or Bruges, check their local weather before you go.

What to Pack for March Weather in Paris

Outdoor diners at a cafe in the Upper Marais
Outdoor diners at a cafe in the Upper Marais neighborhood

Layers should be a staple in any Paris packing list, and for March, they are even more important. 

In addition to your core wardrobe of tops, bottoms, comfortable walking shoes, and under garments, these are the essentials and options to consider for March:

  • A warm jacket or a trench coat with a zip-out lining - water-resistant is ideal. Light-weight puffer jackets such as these from Amazon (#ad) work well because they compress easily and take up little space in your luggage.  Make sure you buy a size large enough to fit 2-3 layers underneath, if necessary.  If you'd prefer a trench but don't already have one, you can easily buy one in Paris.  During March, almost every clothing store offers them - prices run not much more than 100€ at inexpensive stores such as Camaïeu to thousands at French designers such as Isabel Marant.
  • One or two sweaters to layer under your jacket or trench on the coldest days and evenings, or alone when the thermostat reaches the 60s and 70s.  And remember, on a Seine River sightseeing cruise or open-top hop-on hop-off bus, the temperature will feel at least 10 degrees colder.  Cashmere (check options on Amazon) will keep you toasty outdoors while not making you sweat when you're inside.
  • One or two scarves; ideally, bring one warmer one and one light one.
  • A warm scarf, hat, and gloves are useful on cooler days and chilly nights, especially if you're on an evening Seine River cruise or an open-top tour bus.  Likewise, if you have room in your suitcase, consider throwing in a pair of fleece-lined leggings.
  • Boots?  You don't really need boots in March, but if you have a pair of comfortable ankle boots, don't hesitate to bring them.  You'll see plenty of Parisians wearing them.  Otherwise, just bring 1-2 pairs of your favorite walking shoes.  Lighter-weight socks are fine for March weather.
  • A rain hat or umbrella for rainy days - or buy an umbrella once you get there if you need it.  Small convenience stores and souvenir shops sell them for 5-10€, or you can get a pricier one at boutiques and department stores.
  • A sleeveless or short-sleeve top.  You'll be thankful you have it when the thermometer reaches 70°F (21°C) above.  Likewise, lightweight pants or skirt will help keep you comfortable when the temperature soars.

Pro Tip:  Right before you start packing for your trip, check the 7-day Paris weather forecast in case of any surprises.  Here's the forecast in both Fahrenheit and Celsius:


Is March a Good Month to Visit Paris?

Cafe in Paris's Saint Germain neighborhood in early March
Cafe in Paris's Saint Germain neighborhood in early March

Yes, definitely.  You get the benefit of lower "shoulder season" plane fares and hotel rates (usually significantly lower than what you'd pay during "high season" in the summer). 

Here are more benefits to visiting Paris in March:

  • Lower "shoulder season" plane fares and hotel rates (usually significantly less than what you'd pay during "high season" months.
  • Fantastic exhibitions at many Paris museums and a huge lineup of concerts, opera, and ballet
  • Much of the time, the weather is not too hot and not too cold - so just right (more or less)
  • Magnolia and cherry trees bloom all over the city, and daffodils light up the parks in large yellow patches, and massive swaths of flowers spill onto the sidewalks in front of every Paris florist. 
  • Street markets all over the city feature the earliest (and sweetest) strawberries and radishes fresh from the countryside
  • Few tourists - so no huge crowds at popular attractions such as the Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, and Musée d'Orsay 

Weather-Proof Things to Do in Paris in March

Mumms Champagne being poured for a tasting tour group
Mumms Champagne being poured for a tasting tour group

Here are some fun Paris sightseeing things to do during all types of March weather:

  • Champagne Tasting Day Trip - Taste a variety of Champagnes and French food, visit vineyards and the historic Reims Cathedral, and learn about how Champagne is produced on this special small-group day tour with transportation from Paris
  • Moulin Rouge - Enjoy an evening of entertainment and champagne in this famous Paris cabaret - or choose the gourmet dinner option
  • Hop-on hop-off sightseeing tour bus - Stay warm and dry while you ride on the covered upper deck or enclosed lower deck
  • Seine River dinner cruise - Savor a gourmet meal in a glass-enclosed boat while seeing the Eiffel Tower and other famous Paris monuments along the river - or choose an open-air Seine River "Illuminations" sightseeing cruise
  • Paris Museums - You won't care what the weather outside is like when you use a Paris Museum pass for free admission to the Louvre, Orsay, Versailles, and almost 60 other famous Paris museums and attractions

More Fun Things to Do & See in Paris in March

Where to Stay in Paris during March

March weather in Paris can be variable so a smart strategy is to stay in central Paris neighborhoods close to top attractions, lots of restaurants, and convenient metro stations.  On warm days, stroll by the Seine River and soak up the sun in nearby parks.

With these criteria in mind, we recommend staying in these top locations during March:

Use this hotel booking map to find more hotels and apartments for your travel dates: 


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Paris Weather Resources

Want current Paris weather predictions?  This is a good French source:  Meteoblue
Historical weather data sources:  The Weather Channel, Weather Spark, and Time and Date

More Information for Your Paris Visit in March