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Your Questions - and Paris Discovery Guide's Answers

Questions about Attractions

What's a good museum to visit instead of the Louvre?
My husband and I want to visit a museum when we're in Paris but the Louvre seems too big and overwhelming, and besides, I suspect my husband gets bored if we stay in a museum too long.  What's a good alternative to the Louvre?

What is the best Christmas Market?
I'm planning to visit Paris with my husband and two teenage daughters during December and we want to visit a Christmas market.  Which one is best?  (Information coming soon!)

Is there a substitute for Notre Dame Cathedral?
I'd planned to visit Notre Dame on my next visit to Paris - but I've heard it's closed for repairs after the fire.  Is there another church that is similar? (Information coming soon!)

Trip Planning Questions

How to get Euros before traveling to Paris?   
Do I need to get French money before I come to Paris?  Where can I get it?

Best time to visit Paris - when to come?
I'm planning my first trip to Paris, and my schedule is flexible. What season or month is best?

Best season to visit Père Lachaise Cemetery while in Paris?
I visit Paris a few times a year for business, and always squeeze in some sightseeing.  When is the best time of the year to plan a visit to Pere Lachaise Cemetery? 

What to Do Once You Arrive in Paris - Q&A

Best things to do in Paris on Day 1
I'm arriving in Paris around 8am after an all-night flight.  What are some good things to do while jet lagged?  It's my first visit to Paris and I don't want to miss anything ...

Hotel Questions

Making sense of Paris hotel stars
I'm trying to make hotel reservations for my trip to Paris but I'm confused by the stars.  What do they really mean?  If I want a nice hotel, how many stars should I look for?

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Fun Things to Do & See in Paris

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