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Welcome to Paris Discovery Guide

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Welcome to ParisDiscoveryGuide.com, an independent online travel guide dedicated to helping you make the most of your trip to Paris, whether you're planning your first visit or have been here many times. 

Paris has some of the most famous landmarks in the world - the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dame Cathedral - and layers of history going back to the Romans and before.  Just exploring all its famous historical sites and neighborhoods, beautiful old churches, world-class museums filled with priceless treasures, and iconic landmarks and monuments could easily fill up all your time for multiple visits.

But Paris is also a vibrant modern city with a robust music scene fueling numerous concerts every night of the week, lively street markets, wonderful places to shop at every price range, phenomenal food and wine for every taste, and a vibrant art scene in the hipper parts of the city. 

If you're visiting with kids or teens, you'll find lots of family-friendly attractions and activities ranging from pony rides and puppet shows in the parks for the little ones to Segway tours and cooking classes for older kids. 

If you just like to explore - in other words, be a traveler instead of a tourist - start with the city's arrondissements.  Each contains its own unique quartiers, neighborhoods, ambiance, and personality.  Walk around, have a café crème or apéritif at the sidewalk cafes where local residents gather, shop in the small boutiques and outdoor markets, and relax in the lesser-known parks you'll never see mentioned in travel guides. 

Attend some of the many free art, music, and film festivals scheduled throughout the year, celebrate the big events such as Bastille Day and New Year's Eve, and cheer on Les Bleus (national French sports teams) at one of the big Paris stadiums.

At Paris Discovery Guide, we're committed to providing all the information you need to help you plan your trip to Paris, whether you want to do all the fun touristy things like go to the top of the Eiffel Tower and take a Seine River cruise, immerse yourself in the amazing museums by day and soak up classical concerts in spectacular old churches in the evenings (or maybe just hang out in quirky jazz clubs), or explore some of the lesser-known parts of the city.

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Thank you for visiting Paris Discovery Guide - and enjoy your trip to Paris!

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Top photo:  Notre Dame Cathedral, photographed during a boat ride down the Seine River

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