RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication.  It's a file provided by most websites (including Paris Discovery Guide) and many blogs with their latest articles, posts, news, and announcements.  

When you subscribe (for free) to a website's RSS feed, all you have to do is open your RSS reader app (also usually free) and read it.  If you're interested in a dozen different websites or blogs, this lets you stay up to date with all of them without having to go to each website every time you want to see what's new. 

How to Start Using RSS

The process for using RSS is simple.

1.  Get an RSS reader app  

RSS Reader apps tend to come and go.  To find current options, do a web search for "free RSS reader 20xx" (substitute the current year for "20xx"). 

If you'd like recommendations, we use and like Feedly and Newsblur.  Both support Web, iOS, and Android, download images as well as text, and let you read stories offline, and even save them to reference later.  Although they offer both free and paid versions ($2-$7 per month), the free versions offer plenty of functionality and will be fine for most situations.  Both are dead-easy to use.  And fortunately, considering the temporary nature of some RSS reader apps, both have big user bases so hopefully will be around for years to come.

So why choose one over the other?

Feedly lets you build your news field by selecting your favorite websites and topics as well as share to your social media sites.  You can group them into "collections," add custom tags, and save them on "boards" to read later. 

Newsblur also lets you subscribe to different websites and blogs, and organize your content by topics.  What sets it apart is that it lets you filter your content based on criteria you set.  Once you've done this for awhile, it predicts which content you'll want to read, and shows that to you first - handy if you have more content than time.

2.  Add Paris Discovery Guide (and other websites) to your RSS reader 

To subscribe (free) to our RSS feed, just follow these 2 steps:

1.  Copy our RSS feed's URL:

2.  Paste the URL into your RSS reader's search bar to bring up Paris Discovery Guide, and subscribe. 

That's it.  Now, every time we add a new article or significantly update an old one, your RSS reader will "push" them out to you. 

Another way to subscribe is to RIGHT-click on the orange RSS icon, and then copy-and-paste the URL of our RSS Feed into your RSS Reader:

If you don't want to use an RSS reader but want to see our latest updates, just bookmark this page in your web browse:

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