Use our Paris Entertainment Guide to find top sports events, concerts from rock to classical to jazz, cabarets, movies, theater, and ballet.

If you're visiting Paris, you'll find a huge range of top-notch entertainment choices . . . if you know where to look. 

For visitors, that's not always easy - which is where our Guide to Paris Entertainment comes in.

We show you where to find:

  • Top sporting events such as European Championship soccer (football) matches, the French Open tennis tournament, the final stage of the Tour de France, and the Paris Marathon
  • Concerts - International rock and pop star arena performances, small music halls with indie groups, classical music concerts in churches, popular musicals, and the Paris Opera - Find the schedule for each month
  • Jazz clubs - Spend a memorable evening enjoying jazz and a drink.  We show you where to find top-rated clubs
  • Caberets - Music, dance, and dinner at the Moulin Rouge and other caberets
  • Classical concerts in historic Paris churches - The perfect setting for memorable music
  • Movies - Not fluent in French?  We show you where to find movies in English and other languages
  • Theater - Where to find the best Paris theater performances in English or with subtitles
  • Ballet - Where to see the famous Paris Ballet 

Paris Concerts from Rock to Opera, Classical to Jazz

Large indoor concert hall and sports arena.  Concerts by top international rock and pop stars (Elton John, U2, Lady Gaga, IAM) as well as various sporting events (basketball, ice hockey, tennis, wrestling, League of Legends).

Location:  8 Boulevard de Bercy, 12th arrondissement; located next to Parc de Bercy and Bercy Village (boutiques, bars, bistros)
Seating Capacity:  7,000 to 20,300, depending on the event
Nearest Metro:  Bercy
Schedules and Tickets:  Concerts - Sports 
Recommended nearby Hotels: 

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Best Caberets in Paris

Built in 2008 (after restoration proved impossible) on the site of a famed Art Deco theater and named in honor of another famous music hall, Alhambra offers an eclectic lineup of concerts ranging from hip-hop to rock, plus plenty of electro, jazz, world music and more.  Located in the trendy Place de la République neighborhood.

Location:  21 rue Yves Toudic, 10th arrondissement
Seating Capacity:  600-800 (standing and seated)
Nearest Metro:  République
Schedules and Tickets:   Concerts & Shows 
Recommended nearby Hotels:   hotel 1h - hotel 2 - hotel 3

Paris Movie Theaters Showing Films in English

Built in 1864 with a unique pagoda roof you can still see today and famous for its rock concerts since 1970, Le Bataclan continues to present an eclectic program of rock, rap, pop, comedy, improv, and experimental theater.  You'll also find lots of lively bars and cafes in the concert venue's lively Canal Saint-Martin neighborhood.

Location:  50 boulevard Voltaire, 11th arrondissement\
Seating Capacity:  1,500 (standing and seated)
Nearest Metro:  Oberkampf, Filles du Calvaire, Parmentier
Schedules and Tickets:   Concerts & Shows 
Recommended nearby Hotels:   hotel 1h - hotel 2 - hotel 3


Not a gambling house, despite the name, but an ornate Paris music hall dating back to the 1700s.  Shows include a mix of mostly French and Francophone musical groups (alt rock, indie, jazz, rap), comedians, and family-friendly kids favorites such Peppa Pig.

Location:  16 rue de Clichy, 9th arrondissement
Seating Capacity:  2,300
Nearest Metro:  Trinité, Liège
Schedules and Tickets:   Concerts & Shows 
Recommended nearby Hotels:   hotel 1h - hotel 2 - hotel 3


Grand and historic theater specializing in lavish musical theater productions - often American and British musicals and almost always in English, but occasionally ballet and other dance productions.  Head to the lobby during intermission to sip Champagne and enjoy spectacular views of the Seine River and Notre Dame.

Location:  1, Place du Châtelet, 1st arrondissement
Capacity:  2,010
Nearest Metro:  Châtelet
Schedules and Tickets:  Currently closed for renovations
Recommended nearby Hotels:   hotel 1h - hotel 2 - hotel 3